{doula services}

**At this time I am no longer taking on clients, in order to be a full-time momma to our son who has just arrived. I am still available to help guide you in the right direction towards finding resources and information as I can. 


: Way of the Doula :

“There is honor in being a doula, the women who serves. It is woman’s work. Hard physical work, intense emotional work, everyday miracle work.” – Demetria Clark

As your doula, I am your birth advocate. I will provide physical, emotional and informational support as needed during your pregnancy, labor and birth, and after birth.

I believe that pregnancy and birth are not an illness, but an empowering, normal and natural life event that you are perfectly designed and able to do. That witnessing a soul coming into the world will transform you and your family forever. It is an experience that you will never forget and that is why your birth matters. I believe the way we come into this world is linked to the people we become. I believe in a woman’s intuition and instincts about her body and how to birth. That you have an inner wisdom that has been passed along from all of those who have birthed before you. I believe that those around a birthing woman can influence her progress and that it is crucial for those witnesses to be aware of the power of their energy. I believe in a woman’s right to labor and give birth free of unnecessary intervention. That full-informed-consent should always be provided by the woman’s care providers. I believe that education equals empowerment. I believe in women to make informed choices and to assume responsibility for their pregnancy and birth. I believe whole foods, exercise, education, rest and relaxation are vital for a healthy pregnancy, birth, and baby. I believe that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made.

: Services I Provide :                     

  • Initial consultation
  • Prenatal visits {1-3}
  • Continuous availability by phone, text, email, Facebook, etc. once services are retained
  • Accompaniment to your pre-natal visits with your care provider {optional}
  • Demonstration of labor positions and comfort techniques so you and your birth partner will know what to do when labor begins
  • Information and recommendations for books/articles/documentaries
  • Help with your Birth Plan
  • 24/7 on-call 2 weeks before and after your estimated due date
  • Attendance at labor/birth/immediate postpartum
  • Postpartum meeting

{ I do not perform any medical procedures nor give medical advice, including but not limited to: vaginal exams, fetal heart tones, blood pressure readings, etc. }

My fees are $650. Half of this fee is the non-refundable deposit and is due when you retain my services. The remaining balance is due in full by 38 weeks.